All about the Panic Family Circus...


Elmo Panic

Eliot Maddocks (AKA Elmo Panic) leads The Panic Family Circus. Elmo also carries on the family traditions of puppetry spanning the panic tradition of Punch and Judy across three generations. Elmo's clowning is second to none. his own uniquely styled character, wears over sized shoes (often on the wrong feet) and keeps a fresh water fish in his top left pocket.

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Prof Chris Panic

Prof Chris Panic is the founding father of the Panic Family Circus. Punch professor,circus skill teacher, Puppet master, storyteller, clown, ,circus skill teacher, playleader, ringmonster extraordinaire, and generally nice bloke.

Panic has been circussing since 1977 and is still enjoying himself and is happy to be known as the "infant teacher" of circus. He brings all the skill of his 70 years to what he does.